Creating an ePortfolio


This e-portfolio package is a scheme of work complete with resources that can be used as is or modified as required.  When used with Year Six classes, it can prepare the student for any presentation unit they may be covering in Year 7.  The finished e-portfolio is used to present any work the student or teacher wishes to link up to it.  It can be a useful tool for demonstrating students ability to parents and visitors.

To use this package, start by opening up the scheme of work [Word document] which contains, objectives, suggested activities, outcomes and resources.  All resources are hyper linked to the relative lesson

Useful tip:  When delivering this unit to Year Six classes, I often found some students would fall behind with the work because they were absent for various reasons.  When this happened I would take the e-portfolio example and remove some of the slides and give a copy of this to the student.  This allowed them to keep up with the rest of the class and still allowed them to demonstrate what they had learned.


A Teachnet UK 2007 Project submitted by
Dave Jones [Walker Technology College, Newcastle