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A Teachnet Project by Trevor Blunn working at the Cedars Upper School Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire

Changing the stage - creating a new background

By default your sprite moves on a blank background. However you can import backgrounds, or make your own.

Importing Existing Backgrounds

  1. To access the default backgrounds, click on the Stage button near the bottom right of the screen. A new panel appears in the centre of the screen where you can paint a new background or import an existing one.
Stage Button
  1. Click on the Import button, shown on the right.
Import background dialogue
  1. A set of folders of bsuplied backgrounds appears in a new window.
  2. Select the folder you wish and click on the background you wish.
  3. You can import any other background in a JPEG format from any other source
background dialogue box
Painting your own background  
  1. To paint your own background access the Stage panel as shown above.
  2. Click the Paint button
Paint background dialogue
  1. A menu of tools will appear, as shown on the right, together with a drawing canvas and colour palette.
  2. Click the rectangle tool and select a colour from the palette. Draw a rectangle down the left side of the background canvas.
Paint tools dialogue
  1. Select another colour and draw another rectangle down the right hand side of the canvas.
Painted background dialogue