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A Teachnet Project by Trevor Blunn working at the Cedars Upper School Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire

Clock Project

In this project you will experiment with importing backgrounds that are not part of the standard set that comes with scratch and also experiment with editting the size of Sprites. Start my downloading this clock face image

Download this project

Start a new project. Click on the scissors and select the cat sprite to delete it


Double click the stage button. Select the centre tab entitled backgrounds


Click the import button and browse for the clock face (note that this isn’t part of the standard files supplied with Scratch and so you may have to browse away from the files initially presented – you can import any background file in jpeg format)



Click the centre button below the stage in order to import a new sprite. Browse the things folder


Select the clock hand and click OK


Note that the script automatically centres the hand on the page when you run the script
Note the time on the clock had is set to 6.
This roughly corresponds to the speed of a second hand on a clock.



Import two more clock hands

Rename all the hands as Hour, Minute and Second so that you don’t get them mixed up

Set the speed of the other hands to 0.1 and 0.0017 (these speeds roughly correspond to the speeds of minute and hour hands on a clock)


Edit the size of the hands


You have made a clock!!

Or - if you fancy a DIGITAL Clock - click here